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40 H

40 H

40 H

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   The Riello 40 H series of one stage light oil burners, has been designed to be used friendly and to respond to any request for hotel kitchen applications. The Riello 40 H series is available in a single model with an output ranging from 21 to 65 kW.The high quality level guarantees safe working.In developing this burner, special attention was paid to the ease of installation and adjustment, to obtaining the smallest size possible to fit into any sort of application. This burner can work in two stages, choosing the output required according with the heat input that the application needs. This results in very economical operation of the system and a decrease of the cyclic phases    of ignition/shut down, less thermal stress of the plant and a significant decrease in emissions.The model is approved by the EN 267 European Standard and conform to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery and Boiler Efficiency. All the Riello 40 H burners are fired before leaving the factory.         

Thông số kỹ thuật chính

Model Điện áp (ph/V/Hz)
Công suất nhiệt (kW)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (kg/giờ)
Tổng công suất điện (kW)


 1/230V/50Hz  21 ÷ 65  1,8 - 5,5 0,130 

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