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   The MODUBLOC MB LSE series of burners are characterised by a monoblock structure that means all necessary components can be combined in a single unit, making installation easier and faster. The series covers a firing range from 3558 to 9580 kW, and they have been designed for use in hot water boilers or industrial steam generators. Adjustment is modulating, through an innovative electronic module, which gives control of the air/fuel ratio and PID control of the generator temperature or pressure. The mechanisms of regulation allow to catch up a high modulationratio on all firing rates range. The burner can, therefore, supply with precision the demanded power, guaranteeing a high efficiency system level and the stability setting, obtaining fuel consumption and operating costs reduction. An exclusive design, with fan unit fitted on line with the combustion head, guarantees low sound emissions, reduced dimensions, easy use and maintenance.

Thông số kỹ thuật chính

Model              Điện áp (ph/V/Hz)
Công suất nhiệt (kW)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (kg/giờ)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (Nm3/giờ) Tổng công suất điện (kW)


 3/400V/50Hz  1186/3558 ÷ 6000  100/300 - 506 119/356 - 600  17
 MB 8 LSE   3/400V/50Hz  1300/3300 ÷ 8600  110/278 - 728 130/330 - 860  22
 MB 10 LSE  3/400V/50Hz   1185/4000 ÷ 9580  100/337 - 808 119/400 - 958  25

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