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Press N/ECO

Press N/ECO

Press N/ECO

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Mô tả chi tiết

   PRESS N/ECO burner series covers a firing range from 171 to 1140 kW and it has been designed for operation with low sulphur fuels. The burners are equipped with a separate low speed pump. They have been designed for use in civil installations of average dimensions, like building areas and large apartment groups or for use in industrial applications, like small or medium plants. Operation is two stage; a servomotor adjust automatically air damper opening, to obtain the right air delivery on both stage. The burners are fitted with a microprocessor control panel which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause. The combustion head, that can be set on the basis of required output, allows optimal performance ensuring good combustion and reducing fuel consumption and is available in two different length to be selected on the basis of specific application requirements. As standard the burners are supplied with electrical heaters installed on crucial parts of hydraulics circuit, for use with heavy oil viscosity up to 20°E. Simplified maintenance is achieved by the slide bar system, which allows easy access to all of the essential components of the combustion head.

Thông số kỹ thuật chính

Model  Điện áp (ph/V/Hz)
Công suất nhiệt (kW)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (kg/giờ)
Tổng công suất điện (kW)


  85/171÷342 85/171 ÷ 342 3,9
PRESS 45 N/ECO    114/205÷513 114/205 ÷ 513 4,1
PRESS 60 N/ECO    171/342÷684 171/342 ÷ 684 6,0
PRESS 100 N/ECO   285/490÷1140 285/490 ÷ 1140 9,5


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