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   Riello RC2-R is synonymous with highly compact size. The new burners in the light oil series are one stage with an output ranging from 17 to 46 kW. These burners have been specifically designed to meet the increasing trends towards direct connection to outside air for combustion and high pressure working field demand. They are also flexible enough to suit both conventional and balanced flue versions, only changing the plastic screen to the snorkel in the air intake. These burners come with or without the cover. This designed marks Riello entry into many applications in the market which require both high performance and compact size. All RC2-R burners are fired before leaving the factory.

Thông số kỹ thuật chính

Model Điện áp (ph/V/Hz)
Công suất nhiệt (kW)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (kg/giờ)
Tổng công suất điện (kW)


1/230V/50Hz  17 ÷ 26  1,4 - 2,2  0,150


1/230V/50Hz  24 ÷ 38  2,0 - 3,2 0,150 
 RC2-46R 1230V/50Hz   33 ÷ 46  2,8 - 3,9 0,150 
 RC2.1-46R 1/230V/50Hz   33 ÷ 46 2,8 - 3,9  0,150 

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