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RS 1000-1200/E-EV BLU

RS 1000-1200/E-EV BLU

RS 1000-1200/E-EV BLU

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Mô tả chi tiết

   The well-known RS 300-800/E-EV BLU Burner Series, till now available up to 8 MW, has been upgraded with two new powerful burner models, the RS 1000-1200/E-EV BLU models that extend his max output up to 12 MW and make the Burner Series even more complete and suitable for matching with the various Heat and Steam Generators in today’s market. The New Burner Models take the reliability of combustion and the solidity typical of Riello’s Burners and match them with the most advanced solutions on Power Output Control and Ventilation Technology; as result a 12 MW output is supplied with a User Friendly monoblock machine assuring easiness of installation and servicing, and safe operation. An easy access to internal components is ensured by the burner opening hinge. The New Gas Models are available with Modulating operation that can be managed through Electronic Cam, for great performance and efficiency, and through Variable Speed Drive technology, to obtain both low noise emissions and electrical Power Saving. The demanded power is supplied with precision, guaranteeing high efficiency and setting stability, obtaining fuel consumption and operating costs reduction. RS 1000-1200/E-EV BLU models allow Low NOx, environmentally friendly, emissions according to the Class 3 of EN676 European Standard.

Thông số kỹ thuật chính

Model Điện áp (ph/V/Hz)
Công suất nhiệt (kW)
Tiêu thụ nhiên liệu (Nm3/giờ)
Tổng công suất điện (kW)

 RS 1000/E BLU

 3/400V/50Hz  1300/3800 ÷   9400  130/380 - 940  23
 RS 1200/E BLU  3/400V/50Hz  1500/5500 ÷ 11500  150/550 - 1150  27
 RS 1000/EV BLU  3/400V/50Hz   1300/3800 ÷   9400  130/380 - 940  23
 RS 1200/EV BLU  3/400V/50Hz  1500/5500 ÷ 11500  150/550 - 1150  27
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